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Always at the leading edge of innovation, Luminarc confirms its expertise once more with the introduction of its latest creation: Design Expressions.


For a few decades now, the design trend has reinvented itself without ever vanishing or being replaced. From the Asian sketch to Scandinavian sophistication, all home interior areas follow the rules of modern and functional aesthetics.

As a result, Luminarc is regularly looking for original shapes that will suit its products and their use. Revamped by our designers and creative teams, the contours, materials and shapes of our products change regularly and as a result multiply.

Are you looking to add a touch of originality to you meals or even to challenge the set traditions, then let Luminarc’s Design Expressions collections satisfy your creative side. So why not adopt the expression ‘live with the times’ as your life motto?


Make your own trend, shake up your routine and try a new way of doing things!

In order to help you out, Luminarc has just created four very original glasses with an ultra contemporary look: Color Effect Saphir, Bime & Bola and Concepto Stripy, all of which are made to magically dress up your table and meals.


Color Effect Saphir

Inspired by nature, sapphire blue glasses add a bit of mystery to your table. A fresh ocean breeze will fill your summer drinks. With freshly crushed ice, your drink is ready to serve!



Bime & Bola

The development process carried out by our researchers enabled us to create harmonious bubble glasses so that they sparkle with delight.
Curvy Bola goblets are refreshing and perfect for a lazy afternoon. Would you rather have some drinks with friends? Then choose Bola Flute glasses and stemmed glasses for a warm and cozy atmosphere!
Treat yourself to a comfortable getaway with Bime collection, summer colored goblets in a simple and modern style. Guaranteed fun!


Concepto Stripy

Striped semi-opaque glasses play with transparency and surprise. A simple design takes you back to childhood. The retro style can evoke your favorite time.

What if you give way to French verrine appetizers just by holding these design glasses?

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