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Legal mentions - Cookies
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Information about cookies

We wish to load a cookie in your computer. A cookie does not enable us to identify you, however it records information about your computer navigation of our site (the pages you’ve looked at, the date and time of your visit etc) that we will be able to read during future visits. The length of conservation of this information varies according to the preferences set by your computer.
We would like to inform you that you may oppose the recording of cookies by configurating your navigator as follows :

For Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 :

1. select the menu “Tools”, followed by “Internet Options”.
2. click on “Confidentiality”
3. select the required level with your cursor

For Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 :

1. select the menu “Tools”, followed by “Internet Options”.
2. click on “Safety”
3. select “Internet” followed by “Custom Level”
4. Find the “cookies” button and choose a suitable option for you

For Firefox :

1. Select the menu "Tools", then "Options"
2. select the tab: "cookies"
3. Select the required level by checking the checkbox

For Netscape 6.X et 7. X :

1. select the menu “Edit”>”Preferences”
2. Confidentiality and Safety
3. Cookies

For Netscape Communicator 4.X :

1. select the menu “Modify”>”Preferences”
2. click on the “Advanced” option
3. “Cookies” button

For Opera 6.0 and above :

1. select the menu “File”>”Preferences”
2. Privacy

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